Opening May 21st 2021

After a year of elbow taps in lieu of handshakes in front of 112 N St Asaph St, we’ve met many people who kindly inquired what we are. The answer was “Old Hat is a gastropub. A place where people can have a great time with people they like. A place where the quality of the food and cocktails is more important than the bio of the chef.”


As we gear up to officially open on May 21st, we’ve had to adapt once again (haven’t we all gotten pretty good at that this year?). The fact is, some people aren’t ready to get back to work. But we are. So we’ve reimagined an interim menu that’s workable with a skeleton crew. We’re sticking with our philosophy of carefully sourcing ingredients and celebrating their natural flavors. It’s different from the original plan, but it excites us just the same.


Our small but mighty crew is eager to meet you in person on May 21st. Follow us on social media @oldhatbar or subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

Welcome to Old Hat.

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